Journey of Becoming is Growing!

Let me start from the beginning…just stay with me for a bit.  Eight months ago I made the decision to walk away from what many people, including me, believed was an awesome career.  I’ve shared with you before that it was “the dream”.  It was everything I had been working for 13 years to get to.  The reality was, it wasn’t the dream…at least not the dream God had placed in my heart.  The only thing that could help me get over my ego and be able to actually walk away from it, was my faith in God.  I would love to tell you this was easy, and I heard His calling and just said, “okie dokie, I’m following your lead”.  Nope, it was more like me kicking and screaming and crying and begging God to just make it all better.  Surprise!  He didn’t do that!  In fact, it wasn’t easy.  It was HARD.  And yucky.  And there were a lot of times that I doubted myself, and I doubted God.  Luckily for me, and for you, God doesn’t leave our side.  One day, God truly, gently said, “I have something perfect for you to do with your life, Caytie.  You must trust Me.”

From the moment I walked out the door on the last day of my fundraising career, I decided to follow God’s path.  Now, what’s funny about that is we all want God to lay out the plan perfectly in front of us. Oh, and we want it immediately.  Like seriously, God, just tell me what you want, how you want it, what the result is going to be, and I will go do it.  HA!!!!  Nope.  Doesn’t work that way.  The truth is, it happens one moment, one day at a time.  Over the past seven months, God has been positioning people in my life and planting seeds.  I began to think and ponder and research and pray.  You see, what God puts in your heart, He does answer with prayer and opening doors.  My biggest prayer has been, what do you want me to do for a job.  What does my new career look like.

In November, God used my friend to tell me to write.  I knew immediately what that meant because I had been praying for a blog.  But let me back up to three years ago.  I was working with my awesome coach and I continued to say to her I feel like I am on a journey to become something.  She suggested instead that I was on a journey of becoming.  That there actually isn’t a final destination.  That the journey and the growth is what it’s all about.  I loved that!  And for three years, it was my life motto.  So when God told me to write, I knew it would be under the motto, phrase, guide of Journey of Becoming.  Remember, I believe that both you and I are on a journey of becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be.  So it was simple.  Journey of Becoming was born.

Now, remember, at this point I had no clue where God was taking me.  There were things He continued to put in my heart, but there was no glorious road map with complete turn-by-turn directions with the destination highlighted at the end.  Each day, I continued to pray for the job, the career.  What the heck was God pointing me to do with my life.  Well, one day while learning about how to grow a blog, I started abbreviating Journey of Becoming.  You see, I like to take a of notes.  And I have abbreviations for all sorts of words.  Some others may be able to pick up right away, some maybe not so much.  So I just started writing JoB, JoB, JoB, over and over in various places of my notes.  The next morning as I was praying, I wrote down in my prayer journal, JoB.  Just like that I heard the Holy Spirit say, JoB is your new job…your new career.  Tears, many tears, many, many tears.  It is the most holy filled moment I have ever had in my entire life.  You see, God wasn’t just directing my steps since May, since I left my career.  No, God was directing my steps and placing things in my heart, well before I ever stepped out in faith to rely on His plan.  Three years ago, I wasn’t worried about God’s plan.  I was worried about my own to become “something”.  God put my coach in my life to help me realize that I was on a journey of becoming.

I love the blog!  It has been a huge blessing to me, but more importantly you have told me that it has been a blessing to you!!  God placed two other very important things in my heart.  First, I continue to see that Journey of Becoming would be much bigger than a blog.  God is calling me to truly influence the lives of others.  He has put other passions besides writing in my heart.  Additionally, I kept seeing a visual slanted “X” with the question what is the intersection of faith and leadership.  I would pray about this question. I would ask Shane what he thought it meant.  I brought it up to friends and family. Heck, I even asked my twitter followers what it meant.  I had zero clue, but I knew that it struck a cord with me and it is important.

I’ve been a leadership junkie for years!  I have read books, been to meetings, taken classes, followed blogs, people on twitter, you name it when it comes to leadership, I have been right up in it.  I have always thought of myself as a leader, and I have, for the vast majority of my career, wanted to get better at my leadership.


So what the heck does all of this mean?!?!!?  I am almost there!  I started researching the ideas that God placed in my heart and in my path.  In fact, I thought I had discovered exactly where I was going not just once, but twice.  Both times, God said, “not so fast, Caytie”.  He presented me with one more option that clearly answered the question for me “what is the intersection of faith and leadership”!

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I am super excited to announce that I have teamed up with John C. Maxwell, the #1 leadership guru, many years running, according to Inc. Magazine.  Partnering with John and the John Maxwell Team, I will be certified to coach, train and speak on leadership, including his New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  Currently, I am being trained by the top experts in the WORLD, including John, himself!!!  What does this mean for you?  Well, my goal for Journey of Becoming has been to add value to your life.  To help you know that you are not alone.  To help you realize that God is always with you.  You have God-given talents.  It is your job to cultivate those talents into strengths.  If you are going to live into your life and become the best you, that you can become, you need to lean into your leadership abilities.  Think about it, leadership is needed almost every where you turn.  And I’m not talking about titles.  There’s lot of people with titles who are craptastic leaders…I’ve met a few of them.  I am talking about in your home, in your workplace, in your place of worship, in your community, your state, your country, the world.  We need better prepared leaders.  And the truth of the matter is, leaders are not born.  The best leaders, work hard to become great.  And you can do that too!

One of the gifts that God has given me is what Strengths Finder describes as a maximizer.  According to Strengths Finder 2.0, maximizer is defined as, “…Strengths, whether yours of someone else’s fascinate you.  Like a diver after pearls, you search them out, watching for the telltale signs of a strength….And having found a strength, you feel compelled to nurture it, refine it and stretch it toward excellence. You polish the pearl until it shines.”  I am thrilled that Journey of Becoming will be a place for you to continue to learn and grow and stretch.  I will be coaching individuals and small groups.  I will be training and teaching groups of all sizes including companies, institutions, nonprofits, committees, faith based, mom’s groups, etc.  You have a group, I can put together a training for you.  And of course, I will be speaking!!  I cannot wait to get in front of groups to share more information about leadership!!  If you want more information let’s chat.  Also, be on the lookout for an announcement about a virtual group I will be putting together to train.

Thank you to each of you for being part of this journey of becoming with me!!  I cannot wait to hear your feedback.  Feel free to leave your comments below, or drop me a quick email.  Until then, remember that I am praying for you and your biggest prayers!



PS – One more thing that I couldn’t leave out.  I am a big birthday person!  My mom says I think my birthday should be a national holiday…I see nothing wrong with this idea.  How did I know that John Maxwell was right for me?  I will graduate with my certification on my birthday.  Pretty awesome birthday present from God, if you ask me!!

16 Comments on “Journey of Becoming is Growing!

  1. Caytie, you never cease to amaze me. I love seeing how God is using you to help others, myself included. i have been on a life changing journey since moving back to Gtown last June and God is certainly encouraging me to push myself. And I love it! Please continue sharing so we can all learn from you.

    • Oh Sue I am so excited about your journey too!! Exciting to continue adding value to your life!

  2. awesome Caytie! john maxwell has been recommended to me and on my mind lately. i would definitely be interested to hear more as you get started. way to go being open and willing to follow where God is leading – not easy at all! proud to know you!

    • Thanks Andrea!!! We need to catch up because you have been on my mind a lot recently!! I will definitely keep you posted

  3. Absolutely love Journey to Becoming! Thank you for hearing with a listening ear, walking out on faith and for sharing your testimony with others. Your journey is a beautiful example of God’s plan for us to use our lives to expand His territory and give Him glory.

    • Oh thank you Akilah!! That is the goal!!! It’s funny once you start allowing God to direct your steps, you can do nothing but give Him glory.

  4. I know that God has your life planned, and you are following the path He’s leading you. Blessings! XO

    • Oh thank you Juliette!!!! And I am so excited about your new adventure!!!! All girl schools…be still my heart!!! And the team you are working with…powerhouses!!!

  5. I finally got to read this entire blog! I am SO proud of you and VERY happy for you! I can’t wait to be in your virtual training group and celebrate your birthday with a big BANG! XOXO

  6. Caytie! That is so exciting!! I so happy for you! What a perfect fit!

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